____ store/mall/gas station is not dead! Why is it on this site?
Because I don’t just want to focus on the businesses that are gone. Someday, that store might not be in business and maybe you’ll wonder what it looked like in its heyday. I post about it to preserve it, as cheesy as it might sound. It won’t be 2012 forever.

What camera equipment do you use?
I have a Nikon D5100 DSLR camera. I’m a complete novice at photography but I enjoy the hobby very much. I’ve taken many classes and devour any and every book I can get my paws on, so I understand the basics.

As far as lenses go, I have the 18-55mm kit lens, a 55-300mm lens, and a 50mm f/1.8 prime lens.  I have a tripod but I don’t use it for mall pictures for obvious reasons.

How are you shooting photos inside of the malls and stores?
In the pre-2012 posts, I was shooting pics with my iPhone 3G. It allowed me to stealth-fully take pictures without getting 86′d from the store. I look back at them and I cringe.

Today, in most cases, I’ve ditched the shitty iPhone pics. I still have an iPhone, but it’s not the latest model with the nice camera (I have the 4, not the 4s). I take my DSLR into the store, and employ a technique street photographers use called ‘shooting from the hip.” This means that I put the camera strap on crossbody-style and simply press the button to snap pics without raising the camera to look through the viewfinder. In other words, I’m blindly snapping photos. It draws less attention but I haven’t perfected it yet, which is why interior photos aren’t the best.

That said, there are some places where I do not feel comfortable bringing my giant camera inside– so I’ll still resort to the iPhone pics from time to time.

Do you feel like a jackass taking pictures inside of the mall?

When are you going to cover ____ mall/store/restaurant?
Well, whenever I get to it. You can posts your requests in the comments or on the Dumpy Strip Malls Facebook page and I’ll definitely consider it. Keep in mind though, I live in the west metro, so chances of me photographing a mall in Northern Bumfuck, Minnesota isn’t going to happen anytime soon unless I’m going there for another reason.

I have a blog. Can I get on your blogroll?
Sure, but it has to be either dead mall/retail related blog OR a Minnesota blog. In other words, if you are from MN and have a blog, I’ll link it here, no matter what the topic (because…YAY Minnesota!). Otherwise, it needs to be retail-related.

Why don’t you go INTO any abandoned buildings?
Probably because I do not want to get arrested? I love abandoned buildings but there’s a line I will not cross. Urban exploration is something I’d love to do, but I am far too chicken shit to trespass and risk getting handcuffed by Officer Friendly.

I want to help! Can I review a mall?
Of course! Guest posts are absolutely welcome. This is a great way for this blog to cover more ground than I can do by myself. You must provide your own pictures though.

Tell me more about yourself. I absolutely MUST know where you went to high school!
Um…you guys come here for the dead mall stuff, not to read about what I ate for breakfast. This isn’t really a personal blog, so I don’t include posts about my day-to-day life because it doesn’t belong here. I do put a lot of personal anecdotes in the posts, so if you want to know more about me, read the damn blog!

That said, I get a lot of emails asking where I went to high school for some reason. Every single time, their guess is wrong! So to clear it up, I’m a late ’90s Champlin Park High School grad. I always get tagged as a Park Center girl :)

I want to see REALLY old photos of Brooklyn Park/Brooklyn Center. Why don’t you have any?
Probably the same reason you’re looking for them — because I don’t have any and I can’t find any. :( I’m convinced someone, SOMEWHERE has OLD Village North photos but in the years this blog has been up, I haven’t come across any. My parents took a TON of photos in the ’80s and ’90s of our family, but unfortunately, none were at shopping malls.

Why are the comments moderated?
Well, they’re not completely moderated. Your first comment on this site will be moderated — this is to ensure you are a real person and not a spam bot. Any other subsequent comments you make will appear right away. I have this in place so that the comments do not get overrun by spammers.

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