Northtown Mall

Northtown Mall: Enjoy Great Shopping Experience

Shopping is a must for every modern person. Shopping habits have never been more advanced. Shopping is the process of work, entertainment and revelation.

Modern malls offer great experience for shoppers worldwide. People struggle to shop in favorite place.

A good shopping mall should have:

  • Good architectural planning. The mall has to be simple and handy in use. Customers love to spend time in comfortable place.

Northtown Mall

  • Great variety of shops. Usually shopping centers orient on particular clients’ categories.
  • Many entertainment facilities.

All these features characterize contemporary Northtown mall. It offers a unique and incredible experience of shopping.

Advantages of  Northtown Mall

Northtown mall is one of the biggest malls in the area.

  • It has good variety of brand shops. The famous shops are near brand new stores. An opportunity to shop the brand cloth known for years is combined with a possibility to discover new designers. It provokes the interest. Shopping in such places will never become a boring experience. You can be sure to have new positive emotions each time you shop.
  • It offers good dining facilities. You can enjoy healthy food or find fast food restaurants. Your preferences are key. The range of cuisines is also impressive: American, European, Asian. You have much to explore. Northtown Mall
  • Kids are offered excellent entertainment facilities. No need to leave your babies home. Enjoy shopping together! You can always make a break to enjoy a Riverfront Park Carousel! Kids will have fun. You feel happy to share the time with them.
  • You can spend the full day at this mall. Shopping is a tough work. It needs  moments of relaxation. After a long shopping, go to the cinema. Watch with your family a good movie. The day will pass quickly. At the end, you will feel satisfied.
  • Beauty salons are here. It is always pleasant to have a manicure or a pedicure!
  • The mall has parking. It is indispensable. No stress to look for a place to leave a car.
  • The outdoor is a pleasant environment. Usually shopping centers are situated in urban spaces. Some are far from natural surrounding. If you value harmony, you will be glad to see beautiful pink trees near Northtown mall! 
  • Northtown shopping center organizes great social campaigns. It is not only place to shop. You will quickly understand that it is a small community.

Northtown mall has a great corporate social responsibility. It unites people. The personnel organizes various campaigns. In the last one, the Northtown shopping center joined Red Cross to collect contributions to support affected by Harvey. You can always celebrate traditional holidays with a mall community.

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Knollwood Mall

The Shoppes at Knollwood Mall: Where History Meets Modernity

Each person enjoys seeing interesting places. It is equally true for sightseeing, shopping, hiking. We aim to discover new things every day.

Shopping for many has become a boring process. But what if to visit a shopping place with long history? There are not many such places in Europe. These old shopping malls, that were the first ones in this business… They still keep the architectural style of old days but with dynamic spirit of modernity. Knollwood Mall

One of the oldest shopping centers is the Shoppes of Knollwood. It was founded in 1956. It is situated in Minnesota. After its renovation, it certainly looks as a modern mall. But the spirit of history is still present here.

Knollwood Shopping Mall is a Great Place

A person of any age will enjoy shopping at The Shoppes at Knollwood. It offers all necessary for different categories of people.

  • Active shoppers are offered much of entertainment. Combine the shopping with going to the cinema. Enjoy a lunch in a dynamic crowded restaurant! Feel the dynamism and multiculturalism of modernity.
  • For people who value calmness, the center proposes excellent area for relaxation. You can stay at calm restaurants as well. The park of St. Louis is a great facility by itself. Take a break and stay outdoors to enjoy the beauty of nature. It is very important not to be stressed during shopping. Purchasing decisions are also more logic, when person is in a balanced atmosphere. For harmonic, thoughtful people the Shoppes at Knollwood mall is a good place to be. Adapt wise shopping practices!
  • For children shopping center regularly organizes many events. Your child will meet Santa Claus for New Year! The children will find way to entertain in this center. Knollwood Mall

Good Managerial Practices at Knollwood Mall

The Shoppes of Knollwood has been in the USA for decades because of very productive business management. Today there around 45 different shops in mall. Enormous parking is at disposal of the clients.

Mall is managed by Cushman and Wakefield. Company is a leading one in commercial real estate industry. Yearly turnover is around 6 billion dollars. Thanks to efficient management mall offers a fine combination of shops. They are always full of customers. Shops offer good sales.

Good management has many advantages:

  • Variety of shops is great. The quality check to stay at the Shoppes at Knollwood is strong. Mall takes care of its reputation. It assesses brand before letting it into mall.
  • Facilities and their situation in center is comfortable. It enables to get oriented quickly in shopping center. No one will feel disoriented.
  • Cleanliness is great. You will feel really at home in such a place. Knollwood Mall

Certainly, your experience of visiting the Shoppes at Knollwood will become unique.