The Biggest Mall in the USA

The Biggest Mall in the USA

Shopping has been always an important pastime not only for women but also for certain cultures. In some countries of Europe shopping is on the top of to-do-list at weekends but probably one of the countries that has developed profound shopping culture is America. You have, probably, not seen anywhere else so many shops and shopping malls like in the USA.

The Biggest Mall in the USA

  • Grocery stores

These are usually small family shops selling fresh fruits and vegetables. It is a nice place to get some vegetables for dinner salad.

  • Supermarkets

This is a place where an average customer can get vegetables, fresh meat and bread. In other words, everything in one place.

  • Hypermarkets

These shops typically are huge and located outside the city or at the outskirts of the city.

Shopping Centre in the USA

Despite a wide range of shops, shopping malls remain the biggest and most popular shops in the USA. Shopping malls is a great contribution for the US economy because they provide people with job and business opportunities. Typical American shopping mall is a place where each member of a сfamily can find something interesting. There are stores of well-known brands, supermarkets, cafes and restaurants, kid’s zones, etc. Most of them are located outside the city but there are also shopping centers in the city.

The Biggest Mall in the USA

The Biggest Mall in the USA

One of the biggest shopping malls in the USA is believed to be Mall of America. This shopping centre is located in Bloomington, Minnesota.  It belongs to well-known the Triple Five Group. Surprising thing is that not only local people go for shopping to Mall of America. Visitors from Ohio, Iowa, Illinois also come to buy clothes and other stuff. It was built at the place of a former stadium operating by 1982. In comparison to other shopping malls of America, this mall does not have extraordinary design. It is divided into 4 parts and each part has its own theme. It is worth mentioning that Mall of America is not heated in all its parts and heat is provided  through skylights. Only entrances and some ground areas are heated.

  • Department stores

Mall of America has a wide range of clothes stores, including ALDO, American Eagle Outfitters, Timberland,  Nike, and many other stores. There are also jewelry stores, electronics, and beauty stores.

  • Entertainment and food

If you get hungry, remember that Mall of America has a big food court where you can get some good food varying from burgers to Italian dishes. Nickelodeon Universe park is also one of the main attraction of the shopping mall. It has entertaining areas suitable not only for children but for adults too. When visiting Mall of America one should definitely have a look at the Minnesota Aquarium with sharks, fishes, turtles, etc.

Plenty of people come to Mall of America to go for a shopping and spend time with friends and family.  It is so nice to have a cup of coffee with a snack after a long day.


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