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Robert’s Off 10: Mounds View, MN

July 17, 2012
This place looks more like a fortress than a friendly neighborhood sports bar

When there’s a “sports bar” on every goddamn block in the Twin Cities metro area, there’s bound to be some that don’t make it. Roberts Off 10 in Mounds View has been here for as long as I can remember and I had no idea it closed until I was driving on Highway 10 one evening. I happened to have my camera with me,...

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Back in the saddle

July 13, 2012
Back in the saddle

Vacation’s over and I’m back in town. I think I took a million pictures over the two weeks I was gone! I had a BLAST but being gone two weeks means that there’s a lot of “catch up” to play when you get back. I’m also exhausted after doing so much traveling & sightseeing. You’re probably wondering, “This affects the blog HOW?” Well, I...

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Kentucky Fried Chicken: Maple Grove, MN

July 5, 2012
Finger lickin' good. Not.

Today’s post features the Maple Grove Kentucky Fried Chicken location. This fast food joint opened in 1989, serving up fried chicken battered in 11 herbs and spices. (In reality, it tastes kind of bland for having that many “herbs and spices.” It’s so gently spiced, as if they didn’t want to offend the palates of 7 year old schoolchildren and 80 year old grandmas.)...

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Columbia Ice Arena: Fridley, MN

July 2, 2012

University Avenue in Fridley is one abandoned building after another. If you think it’s bad today, it used to be much, much worse. Abandoned fast food restaurants and other vacant businesses littered each side of the road. Unfortunately, I never got around to photographing them. Today’s (short) post shows one of State Highway 47′s biggest eyesores: the Columbia Ice Arena. The National Sports Center...

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