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Grand Rios Water Park: Brooklyn Park, MN

June 30, 2012
Water Parks= collective human sweat, pee and pubes.

We’re well into our first official week of summer — hooray! Summer is my favorite time of year — and nothing says summer like a decrepit waterpark! Water parks are supposed to be fun, right? Well, that wasn’t typically the case at this joint. The Grand Rios Water Park was always making the news — and it wasn’t because it was featured on some...

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Blondie’s: Brooklyn Park, MN

June 27, 2012

Warning – this post is kind of depressing. A few weeks ago, a reader tipped me off that the famous (infamous?) Blondie’s bar in Brooklyn Park is slated for demolition this month. He invited me to photograph the demolition, but unfortunately it’s occurring when I am out of town. So instead, I headed over to the now-vacant bar to photograph it before it turns...

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June 26, 2012

My much-anticipated summer vacation has arrived! I’ll be gone for the next two weeks. But fear not, faithful blog readers! I will still pump out fresh content while I am gone, as I have a few posts in the queue scheduled to go live in the next two weeks.  So, in other words, it’ll be like I never left. I’ll be a little slow...

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Best Buy: Brooklyn Center, MN

June 21, 2012
Best Buy

Cruel Intentions on VHS. CaseLogic CD cases. Microsoft FrontPage 98. Kensington’s Mouse-in-a-Box. Mmmbop CD single. DOS for Dummies book. Cordless phones. SimAnt on a 3.5″ floppy. CD-R spindles. 20-oz Diet Mt. Dew. A Tony Rich Project CD. Rollercoaster Tycoon Corkscrew Follies expansion pack. What does all this outdated crap have in common? I bought it all (and more…much, much more) at the Brooklyn Center...

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Brookview Plaza: Brooklyn Center, MN

June 19, 2012
*sigh* Just another abandoned strip mall in the north suburbs...

This sad little strip mall is all but abandoned, save for the for-profit college holding down the fort. Today it looks more like an abandoned office park, but back in the day, this was all retail. There’s not a whole lot goin’ on here. This strip mall was built in 1986, coinciding with the opening of the Target store located in the back of...

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Alleygators Night Club Mid-90s Commercial: Maple Grove, MN

June 17, 2012
I like to move it, move it

Alex, a reader of this blog, sent me this old commercial from Alleygators Night Club. My guess, judging by the choice of songs and the clothing, is that this is from 94/95ish. Ugh @ the songs on this commercial… 15+ years later, they’re STILL overplayed. Read the original Alleygators Night Club/Spectrum Lanes post here. Thanks Alex!

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Knollwood Mall: St. Louis Park, MN

June 15, 2012
The Knollwood Mall Bath & Body Works still rocks the old store design

Take one look at the Knollwood Mall parking lot on a Saturday afternoon and you’d never believe this is the site of a dead mall. The parking lot is a busy, chaotic clusterfuck that stretches from the Kohls department store to the Old Navy, extending well into the Cub Foods parking lot. Frankly, I’m not sure which is a bigger pain-in-the-ass to deal with:...

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